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Wedding Videography in Busselton

Wedding Videography in Busselton Busselton’s calm turquoise bay and the iconic, heritage listed, timber-piled jetty over the Indian Ocean is the perfect setting to star in your very own masterpiece – your wedding video. Wedding videography in Busselton provides memories that will make you smile many years after your wedding day. One of Western Australia’s

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Swan River wedding – Green Place Reserve

A hidden gem made for small and intimate Swan River wedding – Green Place Reserve When I discovered Green Place reserve next to the Swan River, I had been a wedding videographer in the area for more than eight years. It took me that long to be let into one of the best kept secrets

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Wedding videographer: Joondalup Resort

Wedding videographer: Joondalup resort A wedding video is an investment worth its weight in gold. In the years to come you and your family will watch your wedding video over and over again, even if it is just for the sake of the kids, to show them that mum and dad was young once. And

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A day in the life of a wedding videographer in Perth

A day in the life of a wedding videographer in Perth How to include your wedding videographer into your wedding schedule Brides know that weddings takes a lot of planning. Many have experienced the age old proverb of ‘failing to plan you plan to fail.’ Planning a wedding even more so. Frans du Plessis, a

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Survival guide for a wedding bride

Blogger and former bride Marlize Venter wrote this post to help our brides keep their sense of humour on their wedding day.  How to survive your wedding day with a sense of humour A couple of us girls were standing and chatting at a recent gathering for mums. We talked about form wear and how it

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The costs of an average wedding in Australia

What are the costs of an average wedding in Australia? Weddings could be very expensive. Some couples have even started ‘Go Fund My Wedding” campaigns to pay for their day. iWedding Video has done some research on the costs of an average Australian Wedding. Yes, your wedding video and wedding photography forms part of your budget.

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