A day in the life of a wedding videographer in Perth

A day in the life of a wedding videographer in Perth

How to include your wedding videographer into your wedding schedule

Wedding videographer working in Perth

Wedding videographer working in Perth

Brides know that weddings takes a lot of planning. Many have experienced the age old proverb of ‘failing to plan you plan to fail.’ Planning a wedding even more so. Frans du Plessis, a wedding videographer in Perth, agrees with that statement.

Frans says, “Time management and project management are vitally important when planning a successful wedding. It is very important to make your wedding videographer part of your initial planning. We as photographers and videographers are some of the most important resources available to help you plan your big day. We will be spending the biggest part of the day with a bride and groom, and we have to know what their plans are, so that we can plan to get the best possible footage for and of the couple and their guests.”

What many brides forget or do not know, is that wedding photographers and videographers have seen their fair share of weddings and they understand what it means to work under pressure. They may just have a solution to a problem that you do not know how to get around.

Hours in your company

Wedding videographers and photographers spend up to fifteen hours in the presence of the wedding party.

If you ever wondered what it was that you were paying for, here is how they spend their day to capture your big day:

An hour with the groom

“Whenever you have a look at out videos you will notice that we capture the emotion that the groom is going through. This day is just as exciting and nerve wrecking for him as it is for his bride,” Frans says.

Travel to the bride

Many videographers allow about 15 to 25 minutes upwards for this, therefor it is wise to keep these locations as close together as possible.

Spend one to two hours with the bride and her bridesmaids

This is a very special time that the videographer has to capture the small nuances in the interaction between a bride and her closest friends. He pays special attention to the words that are not spoken. A good videographer understand that there is a story hiding behind a way that the bride pensively looks at her wedding dress, or the way that a mother-of-the-bride holds her daughter’s hand and just looks at her baby, that is suddenly all grown up.

Once again there will be travel time to the ceremony location

wedding videographers in perth

Wedding video camera

30 Minutes are often enough travel time.

The Ceremony

The grande finale has arrived! Many months of hard work has culminated in 30 very important and life changing minutes. The bride is ready to enter into her very own fairy tale.

“I love being able to see how a bride catches her breath, and tries to shake of the slight tremors that is showing as she holds on to her bouquet,” Frans laughs, “few see that nervousness that we can see at that very moment. I know that when I capture that, it will transport her back to that very moment in years to come, and she will remember everything as if it was yesterday.”

The videographer will become an unobtrusive observer at that moment, blending into the background, capturing the words, the laughter and the tears. This truly becomes almost magical.

Congratulatory Photos

Guests are cheering and congratulating the newly declared ‘Just married’ couple. The videographers and photographers will be capturing the congratulatory celebrations for about 15 minutes.

Group and family photo

A quick ten minutes to get a group photo followed by a 25 minute family shoot, and travelling the next fifteen to twenty minutes to the first location.

Few photo locations

The next two hours are spend at a few locations. The couple can choose a formal and an informal location.

The reception

During the next two and a half hours the wedding photographer and videographer will be part of the crowd capturing the joy and laughter. He should be unobtrusive, but the product that he will deliver at the end will be invaluable.

Please include your wedding photographer and videographer when planning your wedding to make sure that you have allowed enough time to travel to and from photo locations. It is an investment into the success of your wedding day.

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