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Every wedding couple wants all aspects of their special day to be forever immortalized on print, digital media and DVD. On the hierarchy of service providers, Wedding Photographers in Perth would normally rank right up the top, right next to the best venue and wedding dress. Knocking hard on the door is a well produced and edited wedding video in Perth. Often, one of the first dilemmas facing a couple is finding the right photographer and Wedding Videographer for them, be it traditional, photojournalistic, artistic, etc. After deciding on the photographer, the couple must decide if they also want a video recording of the wedding day. Good videographers are far rarer than photographers in Perth.

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The idea of Wedding Photographers being able to easily incorporate video recordings, in addition to still shots, is intriguing. The flipside is also available. With the latest technology in HD video capabilities there are some companies out there that actually offer photos (Clip Grabs) from the video. The quality is also of such a good quality, that it can be printed and proudly be displayed in the coffee table photo album. The cinematic quality of the video capabilities is far superior to that of standard camcorder recordings. Videographers have the option of using different lenses to create different shots and effects with lighting and sound recording equipment. This is dependent on what equipment your videographer has invested into. I would though, not recommend the video print option unless you have no other choice. I truly believe the two art forms should be kept separate.

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First of all, how is a photographer going to shoot video and manage to get still shots of the same moment? They may not be able to stand around taking video all night. Many priceless shots may be missed in the attempt to video. Wedding Videography is an art form of its own. As you would train and practise for any sport skill, videographers spend hours on hours perfecting their art. It is not as simple as just point and shoot. If it were, there would be many more great videographers out there.

Though the quality of the video is intrinsically good for photographers, a glidecam would likely be necessary to ensure the best outcome. This would take quite some setting up, not to mention cost. Most videographers have this already as a standard. Having the camera on the glidecam would be best for video, but what happens when the photographer wants to switch back to taking still shots? Should you have a camera solely for videography? Should you remove the camera from the glidecam to get your still shots and put it back on when you want to continue with the video? This would take a bit of excess time and energy. Not to mention getting the glidecam equipment out of the way when it is not in use or when it will be in the way of the wedding.

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Sony FS 100 HD

Then there is the matter of editing the video. There will likely be five to ten hours of footage, depending on the length of the wedding. This is a lot of video to edit, especially since editing video and still photography is vastly different. Not to mention the different mediums of file formats you need to be able to edit. The photographer would have to purchase and learn to use the video editing programs, such as Avid or Final Cut Pro. A high speed, powerful computer would also be necessary, more so than for still photos. This editing would be in addition to the time it takes to edit the still shots, make slide shows, albums, etc. Being that editing video is more than two times as time consuming as editing still shots, that is a lot of extra time and energy being put into one wedding. A well-produced and edited video can take your video editor 20 to 35 hours to edit from start to finish; beautifully produced with chapters, menus and your choice of music.

If you sacrifice time taking video instead of still shots, what happens to print and album sales? Stick to what your profession is. Do one at a time. Photography should be with your photographer and a wedding DVD should be with your videographer. If you have fewer shots the couple has to choose from, the photographer will likely lose income from having less to offer the couple. Though prints and album sales are often small bucks compared to the price of booking a wedding, it is still income that is nice to have. Sure, you can have an additional service for your clients, but at what risk? Would you really want to spend the time shooting and editing video if there was no guarantee it would be seen or used? It only takes one bad shoot to ruin your career and reputation. It’s really not worth the risk for a few extra dollars.

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What our Video Production Company has done is to tailor our packages to compliment photographers. There are some areas videographers will not be as essential as a photographer. A prime example is make-up of the bride. Many brides prefer to only have their photographer there. The bride books the photographer for only an hour for the reception, but the videographer well into the night to cover the party and celebrations. This decreases the number of hours of coverage needed to help compensate for the cost of a videographer and still have the best of both worlds. However, when a couple is on a limited budget, videography is often one of the first luxuries they will forgo. This is one of the biggest mistakes a couple could make. Also, many couples want as much coverage as possible. This might not always be the best option. It is better to have good quality footage than just senseless footage that would not add to the quality of your wedding DVD.

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Though adding videography to a Wedding Photographers repertoire is definitely an option and may have the potential for positive effects for business, the practicality and details may prove more difficult than it seems at first glance. The same could be said for the videographer. Let the photographer do his work, focus what you are good at and forget about photo prints. Rather produce a short musical DVD for the couple at an extra charge to assist your business cash flow.

I would highly recommend you contract the best photographer and videographer  in Perth your budget would allow you to have. I have never heard of a couple that regretted entrusting their memories with truly passionate professional Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers in Perth,WA.

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