Dressing of the Bride | by Wedding videographer Perth

Strangely, some brides do not select this section for their wedding video recorded in Perth.  This is for us again a very special moment. Showing all the hustle and bustle of the bridesmaids and bride; the building excitement and noticeable nervousness … The kiss from your mum and dad as they see you for the first and last time as only ‘their’ daughter… PRICELESS!

      • Our wedding videographers arrive at the make-up session. They will film all detail like garter, bouquet, special jewellery, gifts, special letter from the groom or mum, wedding dress, shoes, perfume and all other details normally forgotten within the blur of a wedding day.
      • Our videographer will film a documentary style as it happens.
      • If you have selected 2 wedding videographers (Highly Recommended), we will send 1 of our wedding videographers to the Church or Ceremony, as the videographer generally has a minimum of 8 minutes to setup and be ready to start filming church details and arrival of guests and this way they will arrive a lot sooner and be able to make sure they are set up earlier to capture all that is happening, which again is something the bride would miss out experiencing, as the groom is normally at the church by this time, without it being captured on video.
      • Our second videographer would finish the bridal preparation with the bride getting into her wedding limo going to the church.
      • There is no money that can buy this time back for you on your wedding video. We would highly recommend you make use of this option. Our wedding videographers are not in your face, and you would hardly notice us recording your wedding video.

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