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Getting married is one of the most important occasions in anyone’s life. Women have been planning their big day since they were in high school.  And yet it can often go by in an overwhelming blur. Mixed with all the emotion and stress, brides sometimes experience their own wedding for the first time when they watch their wedding video that was produced in Perth. Having a professional wedding photographer or videographer makes it possible for you and your loved ones to relive the day as often as you like, and to share the happiness for years to come. Keep in mind that this is no setup shot. All is happening in real time, real life. You only get one take. You cannot walk down the aisle again….

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iWedding Video is a Perth-based company specialising in high-quality visual services for weddings and corporate event. We have been making wedding videos in the Perth area (including Margaret River area) with our unique flair and style since 2008 (We have been doing recordings for more than 12 years all over the world).

We have heard it all from grooms. “Wedding DVD’s are boring”. Well, frankly only because you have not seen ours! Our aim is to keep you and your friends captivated to your wedding video. No one wants to get up to fetch a drink… You will be surprised how many times our clients have paid us a bonus. Yes, mainly by the GROOM!

We understand that there is more to your wedding day than a film shoot. It is your big day.  We take the utmost care to provide a flexible and unobtrusive service that does not disrupt your special day.  There is nothing as annoying as a videographer that walks down the aisle before the bride and recording her as she walks down. That must never happen! Your husband should have a clear view of his gorgeous bride walking in.

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Just married!

This approach enables us to capture the genuine moments of joy and love at your wedding – the true expressions of happiness, the purity of the emotions, rather than simply a posed smile for the camera. We have a more documentary style with a touch of art mixed into the final wedding video production. Our almost silent shooting styles have made us well sought after. Everybody will write on their websites how professional videographers they are. In the end, it is the results that speak.

Often we find that we have recorded something that went unnoticed on the day itself, allowing our bridal couple to view the day from a fresh perspective. Brides have often commented that they did not even remember doing something. On one occasion the bridal couple used our video to find the person who took their marriage certificate. There is nothing like a satisfied bride sending us a sms every year on their anniversary thanking us for their amazing wedding video we recorded for them in Perth.




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