How To Get A Great Wedding Video In Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide Or Sydney On A Budget? (Part 2)

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Option 3


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Last Minute wedding video in Perth: So you decided against asking Uncle Vinnie and his merry band of family members to film your wedding video in Perth? You start researching Wedding Videographers’ websites. Some Wedding Videographers promote discounts the closer the date is. The option we promote is called “Last minute wedding video”.  Videographers promote this option to fill their bookings diary. You still get the same quality Perth wedding DVD for a fraction of the cost. Why? Well, professional videographers also have expenses. We would rather shoot than have a “blank, no income” weekend.  We had 6 clients that postponed their weddings to the next year in just 1 year. The risk for you as the bride is that the top videographers will be booked out in advance for years. We have just had a request that is 4 years away! So, you can save money and get a top videographer if you are lucky. It is always worth the try but is subject to availability and can normally only be booked if there is 4 weeks left.

Option 4

wedding videographer perth

Wedding videographer

Recording time VS Time booked: You can save by utilizing your videographer’s time more effectively. Most videographer’s packages start shooting from the Groom’s house or the Bride’s make-up and dressing till 23:59 at night.  You can book your videographer from the church service to save money on your videographer, you can also request your videographer to only stay until a certain time at the reception. There is very seldom anything worthy to record after 22:00 or very seldom something that you would like on your wedding video.  This will reduce the total hours that you require your videographer, effectively saving you video production company editing time.

Option 5

The new guy on the block: This is a videographer that might not have years of experience, BUT has the correct equipment and knows how to use it, who is trying to establish his business. There are a few around that would be worth giving a shot.  Your work is awesome but nobody books you, as they do not know you. You will also find that videographers in this market are more negotiable on price. They want the work, so would be open to discuss your budget. Be honest and open; tell them what you can afford. Most videographers know what the production cost of their wedding video is; for example: FIXED costs is your editor, printing cost and travel cost; these are expenses your videographer can do nothing to, as he needs to pay these expenses. Videography in Perth is an art. You pay for experience.

Option 6

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Team work

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Call a professional and get advice!: Yes, swallow your pride and make that call. Amazingly there are some videographers out there that actually care for their clients. Money is not everything. They will help some brides out if it is a valid case. The worst slap in the face I received once, was when I helped out a bride and worked my butt off for a low fee, basically shooting for free, then the Bride and Groom showed up in Ferraris that cost $1000 per hour!  Be fair and do not take your videographer for a ride. Most of us are… human. We will work ourselves to a standstill for our bridal couple, but keep in mind we are human and we provide a professional wedding video production to you.

The short answer is tell your videographer you only have $x amount. They can custom make a Perth wedding video for you.

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