Survival guide for a wedding bride

Blogger and former bride Marlize Venter wrote this post to help our brides keep their sense of humour on their wedding day. 

How to survive your wedding day with a sense of humour

Beautiful people, beautiful brides!

Beautiful people, beautiful brides!

A couple of us girls were standing and chatting at a recent gathering for mums. We talked about form wear and how it is supposed to be a lifesaver.  One mum started laughing when she related how her attempt at form wear ended. She bought one of those tight fitting pants that put the tummy in place and curbed the love handles as well, but the top of the pants kept rolling down to under her belly button.

Another former bride chirped in and told us how she had a unitard type of form wear that was impossible to take off when she had to go to the rest room, but it did have a strategic opening for such events. She went on to entertain us with a very visual explanation how she had to go to the restroom, hike the pants up in order for her newly wed hubby, to explore her thigh in search for the garter. She did not want him to encounter the feeling of fabric in stead of skin.  She promptly had to excuse herself after the garter were found and tossed to the next prospective groom, to go and relieve the numbness that her leg had to endure in the mean time.

Wedding day survival guide for all brides - Caversham House

Wedding day survival guide for all brides – Caversham House

I do not have form wear wedding day memories, but I do have a vivid memory of fitting a beautiful Cinderella dress with a long train, only to not fit into it two weeks before my wedding! The place where I would have rented my dress, decided to rent it out the week before my fitting day, and the lace at the bottom was frayed because the bride did not pick it up when she walked. And, to add insult to injury, they said I gained weight! I had to get another dress with only two weeks to go.

Some brides are able to write a book on their experiences preceding their wedding days. Then, when their day arrives, they feel so overwhelmed, and everything is over so quickly, that they can hardly remember any of it.  Thank goodness for the wedding photographers and videographers who record all those memories so that she and her beloved can sit back in the weeks to come, and relive the day again.

A bride’s survival guide

I have been married 20 years in 2016 and as I look back on my wedding, on a warm and humid January day, I  want brides-to-be to think about the following:

– Make sure you can take a tinkle, and ensure that you are comfortable hitching up your dress and having your bridesmaids help you when nature calls; that’s what friends are for after all.

– Waterproof makeup was invented for wedding days. Remember to touch up before the wedding photographer starts snapping away. Be prepared, and have a friend who will be your ‘toucher-upper.’

– This is your wedding day, but often the bride and groom are never alone together once they say, “I do.” Ask your photographer to suggest a photo location where the two of you can relax in each other’s presence and just be together. Although the photographer and videographer will be there you can take this time to hold hands and share some laughter. Take it from me, the wedding night is a time for sleep. Just snuggle up and smooch, or fall asleep and the morning after… well use your own imagination… 😉

– Have comfy shoes ready to slip into the moment you can. Heels are gorgeous booby and bum lifters, but boy they can be killers after a couple of hours.

– Ask your wedding photographer to get photos of you on your own in the ceremony space. We now that our wedding vidoegrapher from Perth will be able to catch you taking your first entrance steps. Often times the venue is sublime, but you did not see any of it in the haze of walking towards the love of your live. Go and stand in the space, take in the splendour and know that all of that formed part of your special day.

– I still have the invites that we sent out to the guests, as well as the little self made programs that we handed out at the door. Ask someone to gather the ceremony items that will remind you in the coming years of the day that your made your promise.

Remember, in the bigger scheme of things your wedding day is one day of the rest of your lives together. Should it not work out as you planned it, throw your hands in the air and in stead of crying in frustration rather exclaim, “How fascinating!” And then, prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime, where you will be thrown many curveballs, and many surprises, and it will stand you in good stead if you can roll with it.


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