The costs of an average wedding in Australia

What are the costs of an average wedding in Australia?

Wedding bride

Wedding bride

Weddings could be very expensive. Some couples have even started ‘Go Fund My Wedding” campaigns to pay for their day. iWedding Video has done some research on the costs of an average Australian Wedding. Yes, your wedding video and wedding photography forms part of your budget. Cost can very from regions like Swan Valley weddings, Rottnest Island weddings and Margaret River weddings.

The people at had consulted the IBISWorld industry Report of April 2012 and realised the following:

The average Australian wedding costs about $36,200 in total, with food, alcohol and venue costs accruing a whopping $18,683.  The wedding attire and accessories costs were estimated at $4271 with entertainment, flowers and decorations adding up to $ 5782. The photographer could cost a couple in the area of $3,983 with the rest of the funds allocated to the ceremony, cars, hair, makeup, accommodation and stationary.

Every bride deserves a magical wedding day!

Every bride deserves a magical wedding day!

Some of the couples who were surveyed said that they either paid by credit card, or had their parents for it. The majority of the couples however said they obtained a bank loan or used their savings to pay for their wedding. iWedding Video may have an alternative financial option available for you.

It is important to know that a wedding day is only the start of a life together. Many couples understood that sacrifices are part of their journey together and they made sacrifices to have a wedding day. Some moved back with their parents to save, while others sold their cars to make their dream come true. Twenty percent of the couples interviewed, decided to curb their social lives and rather save the money that they would have spent on a night out, and twenty five percent delayed their plans. More than a third mentioned that they adapted their expectations and rather settled for cheaper options.

When you have a plan and a budget, it is easier to stay within the boundaries that you have set for yourself, but more than a third of the interviewed couples found that they exceeded their budget quite dramatically.  It really does pay to do your research on the high costs items such as wedding photographers, catering and decorations.

Couples did not expect certain ‘out of the box’ costs. Especially venue costs such as port-a-loos, temporary fencing and skip bins were expenses that they did not take into account in the beginning. This is sometimes venues specific cost.

The good news is that you can save money when planning your wedding.

Lovely photo of bridal party with their Limo.

Lovely photo of bridal party with their Limo.

We have compiled a short list of possible money saving tips to take into account when you start planning your wedding.

– Set a budget that you are comfortable with, talk with your partner and who ever else may be involved in paying for the day

– Get clarity of mind about your expectations for your wedding day

– Shop around, get quotes and do not be scared to ask for a better price. Be open about your budget. If you are way of the mark the suppliers would let you now when you are way off the mark of what the actual cost is.

– Try and avoid telling suppliers that you are planning a wedding, they hear the word ‘wedding’ and they increase their prices. Sometimes this is unavoidable.

– There are seasons for everything and if possible, have an out of season wedding.  Luckily the weather in Perth and Western Australia is still pretty mild at the beginning of winter and you should have beautiful weather until mid to end May. You could always choose a day that is not a usual wedding day like a Friday or mid week. Suppliers sometimes discount midweek rates to secure additional work.

– When drafting your guest list it is important to ask the people who you really want there. Make sure they attend!

– You could do your decorations yourself or you can get friends together and make it. Adds a bit more stress but adds also your personal touch to your wedding.

– Host the wedding in your back yard or if you have a friend with a yard big enough for a small intimate wedding then, you could even have your ceremony and reception there

– Do not pay for everything at once, spread it over a few months. Most providers are happy to take a deposit up front to secure their services. Balance can be spread over a period up until the wedding. Almost like paying off your wedding in instalments.

The photographers and videographers at Iwedding are looking forward to working with you and providing you with memories that will last a lifetime. For pricing information on our wedding photography and videography packages contact us.