The True Value Held Within Your Wedding Day Being Captured By A Professional Wedding Videographer In Perth

Your big day has finally arrived; you (the bride) and your loved ones have put an incredible amount of time and effort preparing everything perfectly for this beautiful day … Your Wedding Day! Then suddenly the day has come to an end and amidst all the nerves, excitement & pure joy of this day, you suddenly realise it has gone by in such a blur and there is so much that you find yourself struggling to remember … So where was your professional wedding videographer that you booked in Perth,WA to produce your lovely wedding Blu-ray or DVD?

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Research your wedding videographer

This is when you are truly grateful that you took the time to do research on professional Wedding Videographers in Perth and made the perfect choice of making sure your amazing day was not only captured within the beautiful form of photography, but also in the stunning and artful manner of videography. As you place your very own Wedding DVD in the player and sit back and press play with all your loved ones around you, watching yet again your beautiful day that filled your heart with such pure joy being brought back to life right before your eyes, awakening all those incredible feelings you felt overwhelm you and allowing you to recall in a stunningly visual display all the magic and wonder that was your wedding day, you truly realise the value that is held within having a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth capture on video your perfect day!

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The start of your wedding DVD

The story of your special day that begins to unfold before your eyes on your Wedding DVD starts with yourself, your parents and your bridesmaids all getting prepared for the moment you walk down the aisle towards the man of your dreams, reawakening the memories that come flooding back of all the laughter and pure love and happiness that filled the room; then being able to see that very man and his handsome looking groomsmen getting themselves ready, for the moment he will be waiting to see you walking towards him down that aisle, hearing them laughing and joking around with each other as they try to help one another with their bowties; to now watching yourself climbing into your bridal car and seeing your dad sitting beside you looking so incredibly proud of his beautiful daughter, as she glows with pure delight; seeing the groom and his groomsmen standing near the alter waiting in anticipation to hear the bridal march announcing the arrival of his beautiful wife-to-be (or maybe you picked a song to cue your arrival that was special to the two of you only) and seeing all your family and friends sitting together, feeling the buzz in the air from all the excitement that is released from the pure joy of them being able to witness the joining of two people they love and adore; to the arrival of yourself and climbing out of your car, smiling to yourself as you realise just how much your bridesmaids fussed over making sure your flowers, vale and dress were all perfect; to now standing at the beginning of the aisle preparing to walk towards the alter where your husband-to-be stands with the look of pure loving devotion, as he looks upon you for the first time in your stunning wedding dress and beams from the pure beauty of you; seeing all your loved ones look upon you and remembering the feeling of the loving warmth that filled the air wash over; seeing your dad give you away with such pride wrapped in his smile and watching your mum and dad hold hands as he takes his seat beside her, seeing again your mum’s eyes fill with tears of joy;

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"Double Team"

watching yourself standing beside the one you love listening again to the vows you made to each other and feeling that sensation as you watch each of you place your rings upon your fingers, the words “I Do” echoing out loud and being able to see from another’s point of view the love between you as you kiss for the first time as “Husband & Wife”; watching the fun you had at your stunning photo shoot of the whole bridal party; to watching everyone waiting at the reception, this time for both of you to walk in; your entry as “Husband & Wife” and seeing again the beautiful setting out of your reception area; finally being able to really concentrate on all that was said within the speeches, as at the time your head was still spinning at now being “married” and hearing again the loving words your husband spoke to you for all to hear, feeling the tears brim in your eyes again at the feeling they caused to wash over you; the cutting of your beautiful wedding cake; to seeing how well those dance lessons paid off as you see with your own eyes your first dance together as “Husband & Wife”; watching all the fun and laughter involved with the throwing of the bouquet, to the removal of the garter; to your final good-byes to all as you race out the door to go on your long awaited honeymoon!

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The true cost of your wedding video

There truly isn’t a price that can be placed on the value of having your wedding day captured in full living colour in the most magical and breath-taking way, by a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth and at iWedding Video our incredibly talented, professional and skilful Wedding Videographers pride themselves on the way they capture all that your beautiful day portrays, so that it can be edited and placed upon a DVD for you to be able to place amongst your most treasured items to have for always, allowing you to at any time your heart desires,  refresh any fading memories of your beautiful wedding day.

Like most videography production companies, we can tailor-make your wedding video package for you, keeping your memories safe.

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