Tips to improve your Wedding Video in Perth (Part 1)

It might seem easy enough. I have seen my cousin shoot his daughter’s birthday party, so surely it cannot be that hard? Wrong! Professional wedding videographers in Perth have shot literally thousands of weddings. Experience is key in a wedding video. Unknown to the bridal couple, there is a lot of preparation and shoot detailing that goes into a wedding DVD.

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Sometimes "fairytales" do come true

By viewing a demo wedding DVD we provide you with an idea of what to expect. There are also, however, some tips and hints we can assist you with that can actually improve your wedding video. A little pre-planning with your videographer can go a long way, simple points… but ones that will assist your wedding video editors in putting in their wow factor.

We will guide you through the lens of our cinematic video cameras and assist you frame by frame to get the best possible video.

Listed below is some of the inside secrets of one of our TOP videographers based in Perth that all videographers and brides should know:


Inform your videographer of the lighting, this will assist your videographer in their planning.  A prime example is a very dark church, your videographer can be prepared and setup correctly to make use of available light, although as a last resort they can use lighting kits to assist with lighting problems, this will ensure the clearest possible video.

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True "reflections"

Lighting Indoors

Your wedding video will look better if the ceremony and reception lights are not turned down too low. We advise our clients that they can lower the lights as the dancing starts. If the conditions are too low we use different techniques to lighten the area to film, one is an on camera low wattage video light. If the area is too big we diffuse our main light kits by bouncing them off walls, ceilings or using dimmers, this will prevent your guests from being blinded and squinting. Unknown to the bridal couple, photographers LOVE our video lights, it assists them in focusing and using less flash.

Arrange with your venue and MC to please turn up the lights of the wedding venue for traditional moments such as toasts, opening dance, the cutting of the cake, the bouquet tossing and garter removal. If the venue is too dark, the “low light” conditions could result in a grainy video. Common inexperienced videographers will experience a grey dress syndrome, this is easy to correct if you know how to.

Lighting Outdoors

If you plan an outdoor wedding try and prevent your guests, as well as the bride and groom standing or sitting in direct sunlight.  Bright sunlight washes out the vibrant colours on your wedding video. If the couple is under shade and guests are in the sun, a good videographer can expose correctly for only one of the two. Shady areas or undercover provide even lighting and great skin tones.

perth wedding video of bride

Smile.. I own these..


Even the most beautiful wedding can be a nightmare for a videographer to record. It only takes 5 minutes to discuss the bride and groom’s positioning in the church. A brief discussion on what is happening during the service will greatly assist us to pre-plan a shot. A good example was a wedding where an owl flew the wedding rings into the church, by knowing the flight of the owl we could setup correctly; we could follow the flight of the owl as well as get the expressions of the guests. By positioning correctly, your wedding can be kept intimate and still get the best shots.

Wedding Party

Inform your wedding party that you have a videographer filming on the day. They must please be mindful of the camera, this is especially true if there are two cameras, nothing like a tall bride’s maid that comes and stands right in front of the videographer and they have nowhere to move to.

Vow Exchange

Whether you are facing your minister or wedding celebrant or your guests, is very important for us to know, for example, if you are facing the guests we will position in such a way as to get the best shot, this is why we need to know how you will be positioned. This also assists in setting up a second camera or hidden cameras.


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