Wedding Videographers in Perth | Tips for Videographers | Pay Attention (Part 1)

Wedding Videographers in Perth | Tips for Videographers | Pay Attention (Part 1)

I was asked by an award winning wedding photographer in Perth to maybe share some information with my fellow Perth wedding videographers. Taking into account I normally only train my own videographers, you can choose to pay attention and use some of what I say, or not. It is a free choice for wedding videographers.

wedding video matilda bay perth

Kiss at Matilda Bay, Perth

  1. We are Awesome!
  2. Wedding video website in Perth
  3. Back up your bragging
  4. Dress code
  5. Details, details and details
  6. Shake rattle and roll
  7. Zoom Zoom
  8. Garbage in Garbage out
  9. Lights, camera … action!

1. We are Awesome!

Yes, we are. That is what each Perth based wedding videographer is saying on their website. We are the best and we are the most “professional.” Agreed, I’m sure if you browse our website you will find more than one article saying just that. The truth is brides are getting immune to this sort of talk on the Internet. Let’s show them we are awesome! Put a show real or two on your website, which brings me to my next point … your wedding videos in Perth should be awesome!

2.    Wedding video website in Perth

your wedding videographer capturing the ring

"I do"

In today’s modern world, it pays to keep up with the times. Like you invest in your wedding video equipment, you should invest in some effort and resources, as this is your “public face and business front”. You can get the worst Perth wedding videographers that have the most mind-blowing websites and you can then get a true pro and they just do not make the effort to invest into a great site. Use your website to market your business and showcase your work.

3.    Back up your bragging

There is nothing worst for me than a wedding videographer or wedding production company that can not back up what they brag about. Pay attention to what the bride’s requirements are and comply, as you are there to document one of the biggest days in her life.

4.    Dress code

wedding videographer in perth recording

Our wedding videographer at work

We are professional wedding videographers in Perth, not Uncle Vinnie with a handy cam, which is one of the other reasons why we are not getting paid the dollars we deserve for the hours we work. Dress like a true professional, take a tip, lose the jeans, dress appropriately, also break the rule. We had one client that requested us to come dressed in an Iron Medieval suit, the one thing that would have stopped us from doing it was if it would have affected the quality of our work, we went dressed in a fully armoured suit, knight style. At a beach wedding we were asked to wear beachwear, dress as requested by your clients. If no dress code is given, dress still neatly, this includes having your hair nicely cut and a clean shaven face.

5.    Details, details and details

When you start out as a wedding videographer in Perth, pay attention to detail. The bride took off a day from work to find the silver two hearts that is proudly given as wedding gifts to the guests, the letter from her soon to be husband that was written with so much care and sent with love that is now laying on the bed … Record it! Rather shoot the extra details than not, this will help the bride to remember the things she may not even recall noticing in the busy blur of her wedding day.

6.    Shake rattle and roll

newly married wedding couple being recorded for their wedding dvd

Newly married wedding couple.

This is the biggest secret I would share with you as a Perth based wedding videographer. Shoot as much as you can on tripod, yes you are a creative professional, BUT pay attention, stop being so shaky, stay on your tripod. Once you are a true pro… Get back on the tripod! Stay on that damn tripod! In extreme cases and when you are rock solid you can go free hand. The other option is get a second videographer to cover footage for you. Did you read that? Second Videographer! Not an assistant, we use “gophers” to carry video equipment, not shoot.

7.    Zoom Zoom

Stop Zooming! There is nothing more annoying than seeing great quality video equipment going to waist, zoom only when you have to, rather frame and then cut, then you reframe and record, this will provide the nice smooth transition that your brides would love and your wedding video editor will love you. This will also assist your workflow and shorten your wedding video editing time, effectively reducing your editing cost.

8.    Garbage in Garbage out

wedding videographer in perth vs wedding photographer

Groom taking the winning shots!

The golden rule: Shoot your footage right, for if you provide bad footage, there is only so much your editor can do to save your footage.

9.    Lights, camera … action!

Always but always shoot with the light to your back falling over your subjects. Once you have mastered the technique of shooting with light on your subject, you can start shooting against the sun and back light. Back light is your friend … if you know what to do. Again, stay on your tripod! This will always give you a fall-back shot, not risking the bride’s wedding day video or rather wedding DVD in Perth. Do not be afraid to use lights, but make sure and get permission to use lights, certain churches do not allow lights to be used, follow the same rule at the reception. Do not blind your wedding couple’s guests, bounce light off the roof, sides or fit a diffuser if you need to throw directional light.

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