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If you are a Perth based wedding videographer starting up your Perth wedding videography business, you are in luck. We are releasing a few articles to try and assist videographers to improve the quality of their work. This will improve the quality of the local market and hopefully improve our business rates.

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There are a few basic tips you should always pay attention to in order to create a magical wedding video in Perth.

  1. Shoot as much footage as you can when you start off, as it is better spending a bit more time editing it down, than not having the footage at all! Shoot everything! as you are collecting as much raw footage as you can to work with later, it’s like a timeline jigsaw puzzle where you literally drop and fit all the timelines in. You need all the key events to have the winning recipe to your award winning wedding video.
  2. Always clean your camera lens BEFORE you start shooting. Double-check your camera settings. If you use multiple cameras, make sure you buy the same make and model, this will save you hours in post-production trying to match the two camera’s colours.

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    Enjoy your wedding!

  3. Never try and be fancy in the beginning, first get experience and then work from there. NEVER do effects with your camera, leave that for post-production or when you have a back-up videographer. You do not want to explain to a bride why she is coloured yellow, when her husband slips on her finger that diamond ring.
  4. When you start off, you should try and shoot as much as possible on tripod. Keep in mind … you can move your tripod! Lift your left foot, now your right foot, they both can move … so move your tripod to different angles to create a better shot, don’t get stuck in one corner and never move, it becomes very boring and lonely, not to mention the bride will kill you as your DVD will be shot from one location only, this will naturally make it boring and the ideal DVD for people to fall asleep to.
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    Opening dance

    We use professional editors, as we believe you have certain talents, ours is shooting, not editing. Our editor’s brief is simple; use what you need, but cut out what is not needed and use only the best footage. Using the latest technology in software, you should pay attention to your colour, lighting and saturation as well as sound.

  6. Present your finished wedding DVD professionally. You just spent 12 hours filming, 28 hours in post-production and you give your work to your client in a $0.50 cardboard holder? That’s not on. Be proud of your work and make it presentable, also do not forget to brand your DVDs and attach any copyright regulations to it. This should already have been covered in your wedding video contract.

This is just a short article on what you can do to improve your client’s wedding DVD in Perth, please feel free to read our other articles.

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