What Wedding Video Style Should Your Wedding Videographer In Perth Shoot?

What Wedding Video Style Should Your Wedding Videographer In Perth Shoot?

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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, if ever you want the option to relive your special day, you are limited in what you can use to recall those wonderful memories, but to have these options you need to consider your wedding videographer in Perth.

Your wedding photographer in Perth did an awesome job, well worth the investment and your lovely enlargements are proudly displayed in the main entrance of your new home. Your wedding photographers have a direct impact on the quality of your wedding video; therefore it is important that you hire professionals for both your wedding video and wedding photographs. Your wedding video must be seen as your added assurance, not a replacement for your wedding photos.

There are a number of videography styles, like photographers, you get journalistic, artistic, cinematic, traditional, storylines and documentary. The one fact about wedding DVDs in Perth is that the demand for a good wedding videographer is on the increase.

You will find a lot of videographers’ websites mentioning their style as Journalistic, documentary or cinematic style. Truth is, not many actually know what the difference is.

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Journalistic Style wedding video in Perth is shot in the same style as a well-produced film documentary on television, it will cover normally the whole wedding; it is well edited with many editing techniques. It will cover your wedding from start to finish, but with a story line preserving continuity, there will be some cuts done to the video to “polish” it to a more acceptable quality. To sum it up, you will get a well-produced and edited wedding video; this can also be seen as a more “non-intrusive” way of shooting.

Cinematic videographers always try and shoot the “bragging rights to the best wedding video in Perth”. In short, this is typically your Oscar Award winning movie style wedding video. As a cinematic videographer we love shooting scenes, like having the Perth beaches as a backdrop, so if you’re looking for a bit more “WOW” factor, this style will be what you are looking for. If you are looking at investing into showing your kids one day how your wedding was, any style is better than not having a wedding DVD. Cinematic wedding videos are considered livelier than documentary style.

Documentary style records basically everything on your wedding day as it happens, they will not interfere or provide too much direction, mostly shooting around you being invisible, recording as is, as every event unfolds. There is some great editing sometimes done on traditional style.

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You will also come across storytelling style in Perth. Instead of just shooting and documenting your wedding DVD, your wedding videographer will work more with you and involve you more in pre and post production, this will take a bit more effort, as you will have a bit of input into the wedding video. With this style of video, you might be asked by your videographer to pre-record sound clips to be used in the video. We mostly record our sound clips on the day, as we feel it is more personal and special, the sound clips are then used to produce a stunning highlights DVD, with that special touch of sound recording playing when you first see your husband. In this style the videographers tend to also shorten the video a bit; a video short story, which is normally around 30 to 50 minutes long. Any wedding DVD less than 60 minutes is mostly referred to as a short story.

The Traditional style is more a conservative shooting videography style, mostly shot on tripod and considered the “save” option or fallback style to wedding videographers. The moment a videographer gets into trouble with a situation, their defensive style will be a fallback to the Traditional style. The traditional style is also known almost as a DIY style, traditional style will shoot everything but will not use a lot of transitions and special effects in post-production.

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Artistic style is more a specialised style, requiring sometimes specialised equipment to be able to do certain effects. It looks very impressive when your artistic video has been fully edited; major editing is done as well as colour grading.

At iWedding Video we like blending a few styles together, keeping the best of each style, adapting and changing during your wedding day, shooting according to the mood at the moment. Imagine we edit it to the romantic slow motion of putting on your wedding ring in a fairytale setting in the woods … to very upbeat energetic music with the groom punching the air and shouting out YES after he got married; different mood setting scenes need to be shot.

Major videographers in the wedding industry offer all styles and have mastered the art of being able to switch recording styles, some production houses have assigned videographers for specific styles. At iWedding Video we prefer to multi skill our videographers to provide that touch of art; shooting any style that might be required.

There are a few other styles available like your Art.

I do urge you to hire a professional wedding videographer in Perth.  Remember, nothing can replace experience. We do our slogan proud…

“Where perfection becomes ART!” – Frans from iWedding Video

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