Why Hire a Professional Wedding Video in Perth? | Part 2

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What Can You Expect For Your Hard Earned Dollars?

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Beach wedding

For a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth you must set a budget. The prices of professional Wedding Videographers are widely ranged, most starting from around $1,000 as an entry package. Keep in mind that the average Wedding Videographer uses equipment that costs easily around $20,000. Our teams always carry back-up cameras, our main camera body cost is $8,000 for a true HD cinematic video camera. Why do I share this with you…? To give you an understanding of what your videographer needs to pay for, in order to be able to produce your wedding video in the high quality that a professional Wedding Videographer expects your special day to be captured in. Do not take any chances. By hiring a “budget shooter” or better known as “weekend warrior” you actually will create more stress and financial pain for yourself. You will not only have lost a financial amount that could have rather been used on your honeymoon, BUT you will see a bride in tears. iWedding Video in Perth will gladly provide some free advice and help to assist you in securing a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth or anywhere in Australia or abroad. Also keep in mind that some video production companies own music rights and can edit your wedding to music.

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Wedding couple infront of "The Pink Hummer"

There are still people that opt for the family member  “Uncle Thomas option”. Keep in mind that there has been more than one family war created by a poorly recorded video/DVD. This is really not an option. Remember, your family member is not doing this for a living; they do not have the highly specialised recording equipment, editing skills or experience to use advance-recording equipment. You should receive the same quality that you would see on television, the last thing you want is a wedding DVD that is shaky, blurred, with too much zooming and panning, poor shot selection and framing, along with very bad sound quality and of course recording only people they like. As previously mention, this kind of responsibility and stress really shouldn’t be placed on a family member, as not only do they not have the necessary knowledge or skills to do this, if things go wrong, which happens more often than not, the strain that can be placed on your relationship with them due to the outcome, isn’t something you can put a price on. By hiring a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth not only will you receive, in top quality, your dream DVD of your beautiful wedding day, this kind of unnecessary stress and heartache will also be avoided.

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Beach wedding

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