Why Hire a Professional Wedding Video in Perth? | Part 3

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Here are a few wedding video Tips to assist you in selecting a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth:

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  • Book a professional Wedding Videographer in advance: Book a professional Wedding Videographer as soon as you find one that suits your style and budget. Good videographers get booked years in advance, as much as 3 to 4 years! Also keep in mind that by hiring a reputable video company, your chances of them being around in a few months or even years, are just so much better. We save on average about 4 to 6 weddings a year, where the previously booked videographers have just disappeared.
  • Ask to see previous work samples: Always try and view at least snippets of a full wedding DVD that was shot not more than 3 months ago. This will allow you to assess whether you like the videographers ‘style’ of shooting and post-production. Some professionals will have video samples on their website or you may view some clips when you visit their studio.  Some professional video production companies only see you at their studio, the main reason for this is cost and time; it costs more in time to travel to see say 1 bride than to see 3 brides a night at their studio.
  • Personal recommendation: Ask around. Your friends would gladly share their experience with you and point you in the right direction of who and who not to use. It is still advisable that you still view their work, as their style might be what your friends like, but you might not like it at all.
  • You have won a free wedding video! Avoid the trap of cheap promises: There will usually be a good reason it is so cheap and the videographer will most likely be an amateur, maybe just starting up and/or using sub-standard equipment. A well-produced video generally costs more due to the equipment, experience and post-production costs. You usually get what you pay for. Would you risk your wedding photos by hiring a friend or just someone off the street that just started off?
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    Communication is the key: Discuss your ideas and requests with your videographer. Professional Wedding Videographers always take written notes of what your requirements are. If there are any special events, inform your videographer before hand so they can plan and anticipate the movement or event before it happens, as they will need to be setup and positioned correctly in order to capture it perfectly. A prime example is when you have arranged your wedding rings to be flown in by an owl. Also point out any VIP guests; assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to assist in pointing out people that are close to you. Your videographer should have the attitude that they work for you; therefore they will not mind filming a request, as this will also assist in the production of your DVD.

  • A wedding video is not a luxury:Budget to include making a wedding video. Do not leave your wedding video as one of your last items to book. Remember, you only get ONE take, NO repeats. Let a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth capture your wedding day. This is but one of two mediums that can be used to recall your wedding day, BUT it is the only one that can capture the sounds, emotions and all the special moments in motion and your … “I do!”

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