Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer in Perth? | Part 1

Do not gamble on your wedding day. Use a professional Wedding Videographer in Perth.

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If I could have $1.00 for every time I heard a bridal couple say the following words I would be a rich videographer: “ The day passed so fast! It is just one big blur”.  With all the excitement and month or even years of planning coming to a close on this one specific day, one can easily suffer from what is known as wedding amnesia, but there is a way of making sure you can recall your “big day” moment by moment. You can hire a professional Wedding Videographer based in Perth, WA. Videography is an Art. Your wedding DVD will assist you in remembering all the new family you have just met, the fleeting conversations or just reliving your awesome wedding photo shoot. A well-produced wedding DVD will provide you with hours of viewing pleasure of one of the most magical days of your life. A great videographer will skilfully shoot your dressing as well as your soon to be husband’s, your guests arrival at your ceremony, your marriage ceremony, your wedding vows, your photo session with your Wedding Photographer in Perth, your venue, the speeches and of course the party. Some wedding couples even use their “short version” or highlights as a thank you card for their wedding guests, this also provides the opportunity for your family and friends that could not attend your wedding to be able to see and experience the happiness of your special day. I had a bride that was in tears when her mother could not attend her wedding in time due to flight cancellations. Ever thought of the true value of a wedding video? Ask that bride what it was worth to her… PRICELESS!

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With all this in mind and by understanding and acknowledging the importance of your wedding, you will hire the best professional wedding videographer in Perth your budget will allow. Remember, there is no replacement for experience. Only an experienced Wedding Videographer would be prepared for anything your wedding can throw at them. Capturing the important details of your wedding; from the mad rush of the bride’s preparations, the long walk down the aisle with your dad, the fun photo session, your wedding entrance at your reception venue, your first dance, your husband’s first speech as a married man … and then the party; placing all your wonderful memories of your wedding day in moving colour, wrapped within all the love and emotions shared in the form of a DVD to have for always.


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