Why Pay For A Professional Wedding Videographer in Perth?

What are you paying a wedding videographer in Perth for?

True love

True Love

You are just paying someone to stand around with a video camera recording your wedding video. Pressing an on and off button. Easy, right?

Now what are you actually paying for when you pay a professional wedding videographer in Perth?



  • Main video camera (professional cameras can cost more than $20,000);
  • Second video camera or back-up camera;
  • Memory Cards for recording (32 GIG High speed cards @$220 x 4 = $880)
  • Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod with fluid video head ($1,200);
  • 2nd back-up tripod with fluid video head ($1,000);
  • Back-up batteries for video cameras x 4 ($400);
  • Cordless microphones ($1,400 per set);
  • AAA rechargeable batteries for cordless mikes (3 sets $80);
  • Rain cover ($150);
  • Lens kit cleaner ($200);
  • Manfrotto camera bag ($1,200);
  • Manfrotto 2nd camera bag ($1,200);
  • Video light on camera ($1,500);
  • Video light back-up battery ($350);
  • Video light in case of emergency ($1,400 with 1 battery);
  • 2 x fast release plate ($100);
  • Steady cam ($3,500). This provides your wedding videographer with the freedom of movement without too much camera shakes;
  • Video camera slider ($2,800). This assists in giving that cool motion look.


Professional Development

  • $5,000 per year keeping up with new techniques.


Website Fees

  • Professional wedding videographers would have to pay for normally 1 or a few websites. SEO payments are a monthly ongoing cost. Updates are done daily.


wedding videographer perth

Professional wedding videographer recording bride in woods

  • All videographers need to be able to be reached. Marketing and communication is mostly done on the Internet. Videographers are almost like a doctor, on call 24/7.
  • Take also into account that videographers would need to speak to you. Yes, your first “interview” with your videographer would be on the mobile. That would be 10 to 20 mins. There would be on average around 5 phone calls to keep track of the bride’s requirements, confirmation of details and confirming times on the wedding day.


Computer, Software and Expenses

  • Some studios make use of 2 Apple Mac G7 computers to keep up with their graphic requirements and workload ($3,500 x 2 = $7,000);
  • MacBook Pro Laptop for on the shoot editing ($4,000);
  • Final Cut Pro Editing Software ($1,250);
  • Most footage is written on DVDs;
  • Jewel cases for the DVDs;
  • DVD printers;
  • Printers for paperwork;
  • Cover prints.


Office Space & Outgoings

  • Professional wedding videographers in Perth need space to work from. The cost of a small studio is approximately $2,000 per month;
  • Water and electricity monthly costs;
  • Staff assisting in administration work, editing and post-production work.



  • Insurance on equipment;
  • Liability Insurance;
  • Workers Compensation for staff.


Studio Vehicle

  • Cost of vehicle ($25,000 let’s say it’s a small vehicle);
  • Petrol for business travel. Videographers need to travel to the groom, bride, church, photo session and reception;
  • Insurance on vehicle;
  • Maintenance costs like services and tyres;
  • Parking fees. Yes, sometimes brides forget about parking. There are some places that can charge you $35 for 2 hours of parking.



  • Professional wedding videographers do pay tax;
  • Accounting fees;
  • Software to keep tax up to date;
  • Bank charges.


Quality of Work

  • Time spent on quality control;
  • Re-edit of work to get it 100% correct.


Forest of love by wedding videographer Perth

Forest of love – by your wedding videographer in Perth

 Advertising Cost

  • Advertising in magazines ($2,000 for a quarter page. Brides do not find their wedding videographer in Perth by magic. An average cost on your marketing spend vs. clients booked is around $300 to $500 per client);
  • Internet marketing on Google and Internet sites (Ongoing cost of $400 per month easy). Unfortunately the adverts on the top of Google are not free, nor are the most popular bridal websites for brides. It costs to advertise there.


Cost of The Recording

  • Scary! Your wedding videographers in Perth still have not recorded one minute. Now add the cost of a professional wedding videographer. Someone that will have the experience and knowledge to know what to do, no matter what your guests, you or nature can throw at them;
  • Second videographer. Yes, they also get paid and do not work for free. On top of that, every minute they shoot adds to the editing cost, as your editor now needs to match and link the two cameras, taking longer to edit;
  • Capturing hours vary according to the package the bride and groom selected. This can be 12 to 15 hours of work on the day.


Editing Cost

  • Professional editing is an art on its own. Using a professional editor you know what you are going to get, every time. Spending around 25 to 30 hours editing a standard wedding. Add an additional 4 to 5 hours should you have a second wedding videographer. Wedding video editors charge for their time and skill.


Capturing Time

  • Yes, it takes time to capture all the footage onto a computer before the editor can start editing. A standard wedding should have around 3 hours of footage to work with. This can take 4 to 5 hours to capture.



  • Double back-ups need to be kept. Most studios will have a minimum of 3 back-ups. Our studio runs now on a minimum of 3 back-ups. One copy is kept offsite. That is 3 x 2 terabytes of hard disk JUST for back up. Video Production companies keep back-ups for 6 months before they can delete or use the disk again.


Delivery Cost / Collection

  • Add postage cost of say $15 should the client want to have it posted;
  • Take around 30 mins to 1 hour delivery time, if the client wants it to be delivered.


Interview Time

  • Most brides would visit a wedding videographer to discuss their wedding day. The interview as a standard would normally last around 1 hour depending on the questions.


Travel Time

  • Traveling to and from the wedding. Normally an hour to the wedding and an hour back. Spending another 2 hours minimum driving around between locations. From the groom’s house to the bride. From the bride to the church or place where the ceremony would be held. Shoot locations during your wedding photography session, from there your videographer normally travels to your wedding reception.




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