Why should you read an article on videography written by a videographer in Perth?

Question: Why should you read an article written by a Wedding Videographer in Perth, when all you really need to do is just look at their footage, their fees and what they offer in their packages?

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Answer: Because not only do you get a personal insight as to the personality of the person you will be inviting to share and immortalise your special day, it also shows you someone who is willing to put the time in to detail what it is they believe a Wedding Videographer should provide to you, this shows you that they are not only committed to their art form, they are also committed to making sure you have all the information you require about who they are and the professionalism they will bring. From the initial point of contact right through to when you drive away for your honeymoon. By doing this they are not only showing their commitment to you before you set out on choosing the right person to create and capture one of the most important memories in your life, they are automatically giving you a promise in advance. They will take every care and give your special day all the attention to detail and professionalism that your day is so entitled to and you know that they will also go that extra mile to make sure they capture in motion all the magic and beauty that you felt on your very special day, for you to be able to relive constantly through your lifetime of happiness together … YOUR WEDDING DAY!

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We at iWedding Video in Perth, believe that a Wedding Videographer who is a professional in their line of work, should be that good at what they do, that other than the formal sessions that are normally set up on a wedding day, these being the scheduled video sessions, which are the ones held before the ceremony (the set with just the guys and the set with just the ladies which captures the preparation leading up to that special moment of walking down the isle), then the sessions after the ceremony, normally the ones taken with family and friends and then just the full wedding party, as these arranged sessions are where people are generally asked to pose in particular ways, we feel other than these occasions, your wedding day itself should be captured in a natural way.

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Your Wedding Videographer should be able to capture all the other magic and special moments throughout your amazing day, in a seemingly effortless manner, which includes capturing the naturalness of the preparation and those fun and enjoyable moments of just being with your loved ones and friends, as you prepare for the upcoming ceremony, to your friends, family and groom and his grooms-men waiting at the church, to your arrival and your entrance to the church up to the alter (or anywhere you happen to be getting married, as not all weddings are held in a church), then following through to the ceremony and to the next set of organised sessions after the ceremony, in a manner that causes your Wedding Videographer to be almost invisible to your guests and yourselves, allowing you to completely just take in your precious moments all the way up to the “I Do’s”, without any kind of interruptions or obstruction of view to anyone witnessing the magical day that is unfolding.

This should continue though to the commencement of your wedding reception and throughout, so that you are able to just fully enjoy the new found bliss you feel completely wrapped up in and everything just runs smoothly and effortlessly, from your initial arrival as husband and wife, to your speeches, to your first dance and the cutting of your cake and the throwing of the bouquet and removal of the garter, all these events on your special day should be done naturally without you feeling like you have been in a modeling shoot, as you were told constantly where to stand and how to pose and to wait and start dancing or throw the bouquet, etc … your Wedding Videographer as a true professional and master of their craft, should be able to capture all of this in a manner where you know they are there, but you don’t really see them, as they know how to follow the flow of the day and how to capture all the pure magic and wonderful memories of your day for you to be able to treasure for always, without feeling the need to treat you as puppets, as they are completely confident and professional in all they do, therefore leaving you at the end of your day with that beautiful smile on your faces, feeling only happiness and joy!

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We also strongly recommend that if you choose to also have a Wedding Photographer. Please choose them carefully, by asking the right questions and making sure they understand that your wedding video of your special day is just as important, as being professional Wedding Videographers, we ourselves fully understand the importance also of your wedding photos and would make sure that we worked in unison with your photographer, as there have been many reports where one or the other feel they need to compete with the other and this is when disaster can strike, as they stop special moments from being captured as some feel the need to outdo the other, this is not only unprofessional, it is a very selfish act, as the only ones that this day should be about is the bride and groom and how in a creatively beautiful way their special day can be capture by all invited to do so.

At iWedding Video in Perth, it is our committed and promise to you, to not only capture your incredibly special day for you, it is our mission to do so with full professionalism, friendliness and ease to you, leaving you to enjoy the day which is yours, knowing with every confidence that you will have a magical moment of memories to look back on, that will flow to you straight from your screen just by pressing play … now sit back and enjoy the journey once again, over and over and over! Nothing say’s I do like a wedding video we recorded in Perth!


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