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There is one person that will not see her wedding in its completeness … YOU, the lovely bride. Unless you have a wedding video recorded in Perth, you will see and remember the least of your wedding day. You will never be able to see the guys getting ready; your husband-to-be anxiously peaking at his watch and constantly looking up at the door where you are to enter to walk down the aisle. You will never experience the arrival of your guests, family and friends. You will never be able to witness your magnificent entrance with every head turned towards you, BUT one camera capturing the tear your husband wipes away while nobody sees him. You will never see the proud look on your father’s face, as he sits behind you getting a supporting hug from your mum as they hear you say: “ I do!” or see your first kiss as husband and wife…

You will never experience the MTV like produced musical DVD of your wedding video, if there isn’t a wedding videographer on you special day. The photo session experience is one of the most fun parts of your wedding and naturally the only way to capture this is on video. You wouldn’t be able feel the complete experience of entering your wedding reception venue in Perth, being able to see the overwhelming joy and happiness as your friends and loved ones witness your entrance as husband and wife, the applause during your opening dance ringing again in your ears as you relive the first steps you take onto the dance floor as a married couple, recalling the funny face your husband pulled when he struggled to cut the wedding cake with you and the husky and sexy tone your husband spoke to you during his speech and being able to watch the fight for the garter and bouquet. You wouldn’t be able to relive the glass of ice cold Champaign your husband poured for you, as he whispered in your ear … I love you and then remembering the pure excitement and joy within as you leave for your Limo and honeymoon. Your special day, that you have dreamed of and put so much effort into, has suddenly gone by in such a blur, that it all starts to become … but a fading memory.

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I love you

On your wedding day you only get one chance to record this once-in-a-lifetime event. Once the 24 hours have passed through the hour glass, you will never be able to get those 24 hours back in your life, but there is one exception.There is the instant rewind button. Yes, on your wedding video we produced in Perth, you will have the capabilities to with a small remote control of your DVD player, be able to fast forward or rewind your wedding day on your wedding DVD and even freeze all the special moments that you just want to savor and lose yourself in, as it brings back that tear or causes the flutter of your heart once more, as if it was happening again for the first time.

Just like your wedding day only has 24 hours, we will only have one chance of capturing your wedding day perfectly. Once it has passed, it can NEVER ever be recovered. iWedding Video will help you remember and relive your most precious day for you and your loved ones, for you to be able to cherish long after the day’s end.

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The question that still stumps me is when people ask us: “Why do we need a wedding video?” and our answer is simple: “You only get one chance to capture a wedding video of your wedding in Perth, that one moment that allows your magical day to be captured in all its beauty, for you to not have just for one day … but for always”. Once this opportunity passes, there is no turning back the clock….

The choice remains yours, but please remember… The clock is ticking….

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So to be able to turn back time whenever you choose, please talk to us about your wedding video, complete our Contact Us form and we will get straight back to you and make sure all is ready for when you start the clock!

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