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Amanda & Jono is our wedding couple in this wedding video

Amanda & Jono is our wedding couple in this wedding video

An unfortunate occurrence once your wedding day has past, is that around 80% of what will happen on your wedding day will generally be forgotten by yourself and your guests within 2 weeks. The flowers will be gone, the decorations would of been returned to the venue hire place, the tuxedos returned, your wedding dress put away and the memories of how the venue looked and all the fun entertainment and loving wishes from your family and friends, will start to become less and less vivid within your mind and the minds of others. So to think that a day that you had put so much into preparing for, a day that you have waited so long for, will just seem to fly by in an instant and gradually fade from your memories, capturing the precious moments of that day suddenly truly do become a crucial part of your preparations. By making sure on your wedding day you have placed insurance on the beautiful memories that you have a right to be yours for always, by ensuring that you have a wedding video produced in Perth by iWedding Video Perth, is something that will definitely give you peace of mind, as you will now know that the incredible moments you experienced and even the moments you weren’t able to experience, as naturally you can’t be everywhere on your special day, will be able to be refreshed within your mind and the minds of your loved ones every time you press play on your DVD.

Besides your lovely shiny wedding ring and your wonderful new husband, there will truly be very few items that will be held dearly to you from your wedding day, like your wedding photographs and your wedding video or rather wedding DVD that we produce for you and many others will treasure these memories just as dearly. It is your gift of time-travel for your children and yourself. I promise you… as the years go by and you become older, it will be a genuine pleasure to be able to look back and reminisce the beauty of your precious day, like stepping back in time and bring back that moment as if it was only yesterday. Smiling, laughing and even crying as you watch your incredible day unfold before your eyes again, reawakening all the emotions that you felt then as if you were experiencing them for the first time and watching the faces of your children and even grandchildren as they see you in your elegant dress and your husband looking ever so handsome in his tuxedo. Such a treasure is invaluable!

You will have only one chance of “buying” your time-travel capsule in the form of your wedding DVD, for once your day has past you won’t be able to recapture it! It truly is a priceless gift and something that for many reasons will be able to be treasured by all for a lifetime!

Please contact us at iWedding Video Perth and allow us to help you make sure that all that you have prepared for and all the precious memories that will be created on your beautiful wedding day, will be yours to have for always, captured in that special moment in a state of timelessness!

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